Manage Medical Records with RapidReview from Verscend
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Online Medical Record Document Management & Workflow System

Verscend’s cloud-based workflow system, RapidReview, gives you the ability to review and annotate medical records and to abstract health information into electronic forms, giving greater management, greater control, and complete process transparency.

 Customized Queues

The virtual “file cabinet” system is a centralized application that allows medical records to be assigned to specific users or queues and then reassigned during each stage of your process. Security rights allow for restricting user access to their designated queues. Every account is customized to imitate your own specific workflow.

 Queue Details & Functionality

Within each queue, you can easily sort and filter your requests, view each medical record and launch electronic forms. Once you’ve accomplished each step, simply select the next appropriate queue from the drop-down menu to reassign the request.

 Electronic Annotation

RapidReview’s Annotation Module allows reviewers to digitally mark up the medical record using sticky notes, circles and highlights, without modifying or altering the original document. The markups are saved as a web overlay to the original record and can be turned on or off during viewing.

 Custom Forms & Reports

Extract critical data from the medical record into electronic forms which can be customized for each project within the workflow. Then, produce customized reports for complete project visibility at every workflow stage. These forms are helpful for capturing ICD codes, HCC codes, HEDIS measures, 5-star data and other key elements from a record.

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