Manage Medical Records with RapidRetrieve from Verscend
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Request Records—Anytime, From Anywhere.

Verscend’s patented retrieval system, RapidRetrieve, is a sophisticated web application that gives you unlimited online access to all of Verscend’s tools and resources—anytime, from anywhere in the world.

With no software to buy or download, it’s as simple as signing up. The account is free and you only pay for the records you request.

 RapidRetrieve Command Center

Start your retrieval by selecting Request Records. The system guides you, step-by-step, through the ordering process. High-volume record requests can be submitted through direct data feeds, electronic files, or custom imports. The Command Center also allows access to Completed Records and Online Billing.

 Track Retrieval Process

Track the progress of each record request in real time with detailed notes from our elite retrieval agents, receive automated alerts if further information is required, provide responses online, and download or view complete digitized records immediately as the record is available.

 Notes in Real Time

View every note recorded by our team of elite agents on each record request. If you need to ask a question or change a request, simply enter a note and an elite retrieval agent will promptly respond.

 Access to Digitized Records

All retrieved medical records are digitized, associated to your request, and made available to view or download either directly through the website, or via secure FTP connections. Verscend will continue to host records on our secured servers for continual access by any authorized party as designated by your organization.

Records are available as PDF or TIFF files, making them easy to share, organize, and store. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of records is also available for easy keyword searching.

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