Verscend Advantage for Life Insurance Industry
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Rapid APS/Medical Record Retrieval

Any record, from any secure internet connection—digitized,indexed, delivered and exchanged on demand.

Save Time

Free your staff to spend more time on your business while Verscend focuses on retrieving your medical records.


Order from our website anytime, anywhere and track the status of each request in real-time.

Extensive Provider Database

15-plus years of gathered intelligence and established relationships with over one million providers.

Pre-Paid Provider/Copy Fees

Verscend negotiates and pays all medical provider fees directly, freeing you from the burden and hassle of individual provider payments and writing multiple checks. Every attempt to minimize these fees will be made on your behalf. In addition, Verscend takes on the burden of auditing and reconciling every provider invoice—down to an individual receipt level—to ensure there are not duplicate fees charged by providers.

100% Digital

No more stacks of paper. All-digital records are easy to search, store and share.

Online Medical Record Document Management & Workflow

Secure web-based document management system with customizable client workflow queues.

National Secured Archive™ (N.S.A.)

All medical records are stored securely online in the N.S.A., Verscend's records vault, for access anytime, from anywhere, by any authorized requestor. Share access to records with all departments within an organization, eliminating duplicate requests for the same patient record.

Direct Billing to Carriers

Direct billing relationship with many top carriers.

Dedicated Account Management

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every client to ensure smooth implementation and training, and excellent customer service every step of the way.