Medical Record Retrieval Services for Life Insurance Carriers
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Life Insurance Carrier Services

Life Insurance Carriers’ preferred vendors need to easily integrate their processes into their work flow while providing a high level of security for the personal information gathered on new policy holders.

Verscend, Inc. is the leading medical record retrieval company in the world. For years, Verscend’s proven and patented process has allowed the largest insurance carriers to quickly order, track, retrieve, and view digitized medical records through a secure account on the Internet or through a custom integration with their systems.

Insurance carriers get many benefits from using Verscend to retrieve medical records including:

Time Service

Verscend greatly enhances your time service by speeding record retrieval and securing APS orders quickly during the critical policy approval and underwriting period.


Verscend has implemented the most stringent security policies throughout its medical record retrieval process. We're fully HIPAA compliant and meets or exceeds all industry standards for secure handling of personal health information.

Proven Process

Verscend’s medical record retrieval process provides flexible and detailed online billing, international retrieval, and is scalable to meet any annual high and low demand period.


Verscend is modular, customizable, and web-based, making it easy to integrate with your internal underwriting software for fast click-of-the-button medical retrieval with no learning curve.

Advanced Services

Verscend provides specialized services such as rush orders, customized real-time reports, and others. Verscend retrieves medical records in all 50 states, maintaining relationships with key copy services throughout the country, including California.

Get the Verscend Advantage

  • Time Service
  • Security
  • Proven Process
  • Integration
  • Advanced Services

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