Medical Record Retrieval Services for Broker General Agents (BGAs)
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Broker General Agent Services

As a Broker General Agent (BGA), time service is important—you need medical records retrieved quickly, efficiently, and at the best possible price.

Verscend, Inc. is the leading medical record retrieval company in the world. With its patented process, Verscend has been retrieving APS orders for BGAs for years.

Verscend’s system allows BGAs to get APS records through an easy web-based account or integrate with popular agency software systems so they can quickly order, track, retrieve, and view digitized medical records through a secure account on the Internet.

Broker General Agents get many benefits from using Verscend to retrieve medical records including:

Time Service

Verscend greatly enhances your time service by quickly securing APS records during critical policy approval periods.

Pricing and Fees

Verscend provides the lowest value-based pricing in the industry.

Billing to Carriers

BGAs don’t need to see a bill. Verscend can directly bill the carrier and can send APS records directly to the carrier, to the requester, or both.


Verscend is web-based, modular, and customizable making it easy to integrate with the most popular agency carrier systems including Agency Works, Skywire, and proprietary systems for fast click-of-the-button medical record orders. Verscend is also integrated with the internal underwriting systems of many of the major insurance carriers.

Informal Applications

For informal new applications (those without a policy number), Verscend gives BGAs 25 days to get a policy number from a carrier to put on their order. Verscend then directly bills the carrier.

Special Authorization Handling

Verscend has an extensive database of provider-specific authorization forms enabling higher success with first requests and speeding the process.

Get the Verscend Advantage

  • Time Service
  • Pricing & Fees
  • Billing to Carriers
  • Integration
  • Informal Applications
  • Special Authorization Handling

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