Medical Record Retrieval Services for Independent Life Insurance Agents
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Independent Life Insurance Agent Services

As an independent agent, you need flexibility in everything you do—especially with such things as APS retrieval.

Verscend, Inc. is the leading medical record retrieval company in the world, and a top provider of life insurance APS records.

Verscend’s process is available through a free, secure, online account allowing independent agents to quickly order, track, retrieve, and view digitized APSs.

Independent agents get many benefits from using Verscend to retrieve medical records including:


Verscend provides a free account signup with no monthly fee, allowing independent agents to pay for medical records as they go.

Time Service

Verscend greatly enhances your time service by speeding record retrieval and securing the APS quickly during the critical policy approval period.

Pricing and Fees

Verscend is consistently competitive in its pricing providing the lowest value-based pricing in the industry.

Billing to Carriers

With Verscend, independent agents don’t even need to see a bill unless they want to. Verscend can directly bill the carrier and can send the medical record directly to the carrier, to the requester, or to both.

Get the Verscend Advantage

  • Flexibility
  • Time Service
  • Pricing and Fees
  • Billing to Carriers

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