Medical Records for Legal Defense
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Legal defense firms defending clients across the country require the retrieval of thousands of medical records. Defense attorneys need records fast, but they also need a retrieval system that eases discovery and strengthens litigation cases.

Verscend is the world's leading medical record retrieval company and the fastest-growing national legal provider of record retrieval services. Verscend’s patented process is a flexible, secure, web-based system allowing you to quickly order, track, retrieve, and view digitized medical records. It is easily integrated with the most popular case management software including TrialWorks, Needles, and others for fast click-of-the-button medical record retrieval.

Verscend eases discovery and strengthens litigation preparation with proven services:

Proven Process. Verscend’s system supports defense teams in major pharmaceutical product liability cases, catastrophic and toxic environmental cases, and many others.

Identification of Additional Providers. For each medical record, Verscend’s coders manually identify additional or missing providers in order to provide additional resources of medical evidence to strengthen cases.

Security. Verscend has implemented the most stringent security policies throughout its medical record retrieval process. We're fully HIPAA compliant and meets or extends all industry standards for secure handling of personal health information.

Subpoena Service. Verscend offers subpoena services to retrieve medical records when obtaining a patient or client authorization is not possible.