Provider Network Offering | National Secured Archive (N.S.A.)
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Provider Network Offering

Verscend’s new service securely stores physicians` digitized medical records and electronic medical records in one central online repository known as the National Secured Archive (N.S.A.) for secure storage, access, and exchange at no cost to the physician.


Free hosting and secure backup of medical records:

Physicians and other caregivers within a provider network can upload both digitized paper records and electronic medical records (EMRs) into the fully HIPAA-compliant N.S.A., the largest online repository of its kind, approaching 10 million records, for secure hosting and backup.


Indexed by master patient, master provider, and master record location:

When records are deposited into the N.S.A., the proper data elements are indexed so the information is correlated to the patient, the physician, and the location of the physical record, making it easy to search, locate, and manage the information.


Authorized access anytime, anywhere, on demand:

Once a physician deposits their records into the N.S.A. they can have access to view or download these patient records at any time, from any location.


Record exchange made easy:

Verscend`s Health Information Exchange (HIE) enables providers to grant access to the medical records hosted in the N.S.A. to their patients, to other physicians, as well as to any other authorized requestor (such as health insurance payers, life insurance carriers, etc.). This offering is designed to alleviate the physician’s burden of managing the increasing demand for the release of patient medical records. As the physician receives requests for the release of medical records, they can simply redirect these requests to Verscend for processing. All of this is done at no charge to the physician.

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