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Additional Provider Services

Claims Data Verification

All claims are manually checked before certified coders submit to insurance companies to ensure there are no coding-related errors. Coders have in-depth knowledge about CCI edits, insurance specific bundling guidelines, ICD-CPT crosswalk rules and various other coding-related specifications.

Claims Scrubbing for Clean Claim Submission

Based on the coding and billing specifications received from your practice and insurance claims adjudication guidelines, we create custom edits in the billing software. Every claim is electronically scrubbed based on these edits. If an edit appears on any claims, we resolve it to ensure only clean claims are submitted to insurance companies. This eliminates various denials and ensures a reduction in over-all accounts receivable days.

EDI Report Verification

Verscend ensures that every electronic data interchange (EDI) report received from insurance companies after submission of electronic claims is verified and appropriate actions are taken to resolve any issues. If any claims have failed in the transmission process, our EDI verification team takes immediate corrective actions to resubmit the clean claim.


  • Insurance pre-verification
  • Patient help desk
  • Physician credentialing

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Additional Provider Services

  • Claims Data Verification
  • Claims Scrubbing for Clean Claim Submission
  • EDI Report Verification
  • Insurance Pre-verification
  • Patient Help Desk
  • Physician Credentialing