Accounts Receivable Follow Up for Healthcare Providers
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Accounts Receivable Follow Up

Many healthcare providers struggle with the challenge of implementing an effective accounts receivable follow-up process. Without a structured and professional process, clinics can lose significant revenue.

Verscend’s highly-trained accounts receivable follow-up team conducts extensive analysis of outstanding accounts receivables to strategize the right approach for insurance and patient follow-up, an approach most in-house billing departments miss. These teams proactively follow up with insurance companies on claims open over 30 days to collect payment and improve cash flow. The result is more open claims and denials are paid in a timely manner.

In particular, Verscend offers the following:

  • Experienced, well-trained team that is successful at turning denials into payments
  • Strong receivables follow-up on all claims 30 days or older
  • Monthly analysis of all denials to generate reports identifying the problems
  • 30-day aging report at the beginning of each month
  • Root-level problem resolution report to help get more claims paid

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