End-to-End HEDIS Solution for Health Insurance Industry
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HEDIS® Products

 Quality Reporter

  • View, analyze, collect and report members’ HEDIS data
  • Benchmark results to prior years and national percentiles
  • Real time compliance feedback displays as reviews are entered
  • Provider performance feedback reports give summary and member detail
  • Improve rates & proactively improve health plan’s ranking by striving to achieve 100% HEDIS compliance
  • Proactive member outreach to remind them about services
  • Gain deeper insight through clinical information
  • NCQA Certified HEDIS 2012

 Quality Engine

  • Calculates the HEDIS measure
  • Draws the sample, assigns chase logic
  • Produces detailed data tables
  • NCQA Certified HEDIS 2012

 HEDIS Workflow

  • When a medical record is received, the system will auto-move the medical record into a review bucket for the nurses to begin abstraction work
  • Supervisors can individually or batch assign records to be reviewed on a first-in, first-out basis. When nurses complete abstraction of a record, each record is reassigned to the next appropriate workflow bucket


  • Verscend’s Annotation Module allows reviewers to digitally mark up the medical record using sticky notes, circles, and highlights without modifying or altering the original document. The markups are saved as a web overlay and can be turned on or off during viewing.

 Abstraction Module

  • Electronic data extraction forms are linked to each medical record within the workflow to allow capturing of all HEDIS Measures as required for submission to NCQA

Supporting Applications for HEDIS:

  • Data Audit – Java based data validation app comes standard with every license
  • Web Portal – Client web site supports project management, communications, secure file transfer and downloads
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