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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RapidRetrieve? >>

RapidRetrieve™ is the name of Verscend's record-retrieval service, which includes an Internet website where you can request records, check status, and download retrieved records online.

Does RapidRetrieve work with my current browser? >>

You can use any of the following browser versions: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to 9. 128-bit SSL and JavaScript must be enabled.

What if I don't have the right browser? >>

Click here to get Internet Explorer.

What if my browser isn't 128 bit SSL capable? >>

The Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack gives you 128-bit encryption, the highest level of protection Microsoft can offer for all your Internet communications, including credit card use and financial transactions. Click here to update SSL on certain versions of Internet Explorer.

How do I know if JavaScript is enabled? >>

JavaScript is enabled on Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher.

What is the HIPAA Privacy and Security Notice that I see after logging in? >>

This is one of the features of the RapidRetrieve website. In accordance with HIPAA security rules, everyone who accesses or views Protected Health Information (PHI) on a computer system must be informed of the auditing and privacy requirements under HIPAA at each login.

What is HIPAA? >>

HIPAA is the acronym that stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This rule issues privacy regulations governing individually identifiable health information. HIPAA also limits the type of information that can be disclosed regarding patients.

What information is protected under HIPAA? >>

All medical records and other individually identifiable health information held or disclosed by a covered entity in any form, whether communicated electronically, on paper, or orally, is covered by the final regulation. Protected Health Information: The Privacy Rule protects any individually identifiable health information held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associate in any form or media, whether electronic, paper, or oral. The Privacy Rule identifies this information as Protected Health Information (PHI).

What boundaries does HIPAA place on medical record use and release? >>

Disclosures of information must be limited to the minimum necessary for the purpose of the disclosure. The purpose for disclosure must be clearly stated.

How does HIPAA affect me? >>

HIPAA has an indirect effect on record requestors due to the extensive requirements it places on healthcare providers and other covered entities and on their Business Associates, such as Verscend:

You are required to use a HIPAA-compliant authorization and provide much more information than in the past. Verscend has a HIPAA-compliant authorization form you can use to ensure that your requests don't get returned because your authorization doesn't meet HIPAA requirements (see the Forms and Utilities page).

Record requests typically take somewhat longer to fulfill because providers will have more work to do for each request to meet HIPAA regulations.

All of your Internet transactions with Verscend must be encrypted using full 128-bit SSL.

Verscend cannot send records via non-secure e-mail or other non-encrypted electronic method.

How does HIPAA affect healthcare providers? >>

HIPAA has a major, ongoing impact on healthcare providers in several areas:

Significant resources are required.

Some degree of IT retooling has been required, as well as major operational and procedural changes.

Transactions have become more standardized, resulting in eventual savings for electronic data interchange.

For transaction standards, code sets, and identifiers, implementation is the most expensive. Ongoing costs will involve obtaining and implementing updates to the standards.

Security and privacy regulations are the most difficult and costly to implement and maintain because they are broad in scope, less definitive, and require constant vigilance for ongoing compliance.

When did HIPAA take effect? >>

The HIPAA Privacy Rule took effect on April 14, 2003. The Privacy Rule regulates the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) held by Covered Entities.The HIPAA Security Rule is based on best practices for sensitive electronic information and took effect April 21, 2003.

What is Verscend doing to be compliant with HIPAA? >>

Verscend is in total compliance with HIPAA regulations. We have over six years of experience working with healthcare providers and handling protected health information. We have reviewed the HIPAA regulations thoroughly and have reviewed our policies and procedures, processes, contracts, computer systems and usage, physical security, training, and all other relevant aspects of our business to ensure compliance. Our process has also been reviewed and found to be in compliance by outside legal counsel. Verscend has a HIPAA task force committee comprising senior management and representatives of all departments across the company. This committee meets regularly, reports to the CTO, and is responsible for evaluating and ensuring that Verscend complies with HIPAA regulations as a Business Associate.

Are Verscend employees HIPAA trained? >>

Yes. Each employee that handles protected health information is trained upon hire and receives ongoing training in privacy, security, and proper protocols to ensure HIPAA compliance. HIPAA compliance.

Can I request a rush on my record orders? >>

Yes, you can request rushed service on new orders under the Services and Options menu by clicking “rush this request.” You may also request rushed service in existing orders by emailing your account manager or by accessing the request, clicking “enter note,” then indicate you would like rushed service.

Why do I have to specify the purpose and type of information when I order records? >>

HIPAA regulations require that the purpose for releasing the records and the specific types of information to be released (such as EKGs, Progress Notes) be tracked by the provider when releasing medical records.

How do I get help? >>

Nearly every page or screen has on-line context sensitive help, which is accessed by clicking the question mark button in the upper right hand corner of the page. You can also enter a note on a specific request to get help from Verscend Customer Service. Customer Service may also be reached by phone at (800) 489-8549 or by email at Additional Contact information is also available on our Company Contact page.

What are the benefits of these services for a law firm? >>

Speed and cost savings. You are charged only for the number of pages processed. Using our services on one case can save a firm hundreds of dollars in outside professional consulting fees or excessive hours of in-house staff time. Our fee is a billable expense to the file.

How do I order Sorting/Indexing? >>

When you order a record, select the Sorting/Indexing option.

How much longer does it take to sort a record after it is retrieved? >>

It will take about 15 days after we get the record. It may take longer for records over 500 pages.

Where can I call with other questions? >>

Feel free to contact us toll-free at 800-489-8710 (Sales) or 800-489-8549 (Customer Service). You may also contact us by e-mail at or

What is imaging? >>

Our Imaging service consists of scanning your paper documents into electronic form, saving them in one of a variety of formats, and placing the image online for download or sending you one or more copies of the scanned image on CD or DVD with software for viewing and printing with a computer. Imaging options include Page Stamping and return of your original documents. Imaging is a great way to rid your office of stacks of old documents while preserving the documents for future use on compact, readily accessible optical media.

What is Customizable Bates/Page Stamping? >>

Customizable Bates/Page Stamping places additional text such as page numbers on the image. You specify what text gets stamped on the image, the location of the text on the page, and other formatting choices on the Imaging order form. The text can include the page number, date, claim/case/policy number, request ID, or any other text that you enter. This service provides you with an image of your documents in PDF format and a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information, click the link by the Customizable Bates/Page Stamping option on the Imaging order form after logging in, or contact a sales representative.

How much does it cost? >>

Prices for Imaging services are listed in the client agreement. The prices are based on the options selected when the Imaging order is placed:

A base fee for Imaging (based on number of pages processed)

Additional fee for Page Stamping (flat fee)

Fee for creating and shipping CD/DVD (based on number of copies)

Fee for returning originals (shipping and handling)

Fee for canceled orders (canceled after documents have been scanned)

What kinds of documents can be imaged? >>

We can image paper documents that meet the following criteria:

Page sizes from 5-1/2" X 8-1/2" to 11" X 17"

Single or double sided

Staples can be left in (we remove them for scanning but don't re-staple if we return the original documents)

Perforated strip charts that can be separated into pages within the sizes above are acceptable

How quickly can you image my documents? >>

It may take 30 days from time you mail the documents until you receive the scanned image. If your documents have more than 1000 pages, it could take somewhat longer.

What is Sorting/Indexing? >>

Sorting/Indexing is the service of separating and labeling the components or sections of a medical record by category and chronological sequence. All records will be sorted in the same sequence of categories, which allows a certain type of record to be accessed quickly and identifies missing types of records. This service relieves your staff of essential, but often tedious, manual organizational work.

What types of records can be sorted? >>

We sort all types of medical records, including: medical/surgical, obstetrical, pediatric, physician office, treatment centers, nursing home, mental health, hospice, and substance abuse.

What if I already have the medical record and would like to have these services performed? >>

Fill out the record retrieval order form for the individual and requestor as you normally would. Select the option called "I will send the records to be sorted." Submit the order (provider info is not required), print the confirmation sheet, and send it with the records to the address or fax number on the confirmation sheet. We will process the record as if we had retrieved it from a provider. Note: there will be a fee for imaging the documents.

Can records from multiple requests be sorted together, such as records from different providers for the same patient? >>

Yes! Just follow these steps when ordering the individual records:

  1. DO NOT select sorting; rather, wait until all the records are in
  2. Print out all of the records
  3. Create another request with sorting
  4. Send us the whole set of records (see the instructions in the previous question)

We will sort all of the records together.

In what format will I receive the sorted records? >>

The records will be in the same format as the other records you order (MCD, TIFF, or PDF). Check the Preferences form after logging in to your account to see the default file format for your account.

Can I send the records to my experts? >>

After downloading the sorted records from our website, you can send the records electronically to experts and opposing counsel, or you can print and mail/fax the records.

How does page/Bates stamping relate to these services? >>

Page stamping (including Bates stamping) complements these services, eliminating printing a copy of the record for stamping. Your account must be set to PDF as the default image format to order page stamping.

How do I get back a paper copy of the records? >>

Check the option called "Send a paper copy of the record to the mailing address specified above." in the Requestor Info section of the Records Order form. Be sure to include your mailing address. We will mail a paper copy of the records directly to you.

Can I order additional paper copies? >>

No. We provide only one paper copy of the records. If you need additional copies, it will be more economical for you to make copies yourself or have a copy service make copies.

Will I still be able to download the records if I request a paper copy? >>

Yes. We will place an electronic copy of the records on the website, regardless of whether you order a paper copy.

Can I get a paper copy only, without the electronic version, to save money? >>

No. We are the leader in on-line record retrieval. Providing an electronic copy of your records is a core part of our solution. Providing a paper copy is an add-on service.

Is there a charge for paper copies? >>

Yes, there is an additional charge based on the number of pages in the record plus shipping and handling. Contact your Sales Representative for pricing.