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Verscend is the world leader in medical record retrieval, digitization, coding, extraction, and analysis. With its online repository, the National Secured Archive™, approaching 10 million medical records, Verscend is also the leader in electronic health information exchange. In addition to offering the secure retrieval and exchange of health records, Verscend provides its clientele with a robust online document management system that includes completely customizable workflow solutions, which are tailored to each individual customer's needs.

Verscend currently serves many of the largest health insurance payers and life insurance carriers in the country, along with thousands of plaintiff and defense law firms.


"We want to be the leader in advancing global healthcare transformation."


"Providing secure access to any patient medical record, for any authorized requestor, at any time, from anywhere, via the Internet."


“We improve healthcare ... by providing global access to medical information ... which empowers our customer, improves patient care, and reduces the cost of treatment; making quality, affordable healthcare more available for everyone, everywhere.”

Verscend Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Attitude
  • Dependable / Trustworthy
  • Flexible / Adaptable to Change
  • Open to & Implement Feedback
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • High Performance / High Production
  • Knowledgeable


Utilizing RapidRetrieve™ and established provider relationships, Verscend accurately and rapidly retrieves any quantity of medical records, from a single consumer to a company that needs millions of records, and delivers them in an organized, digital format.Throughout the process, customers can track the status of record requests online, read real-time notes from retrieval agents and utilize a dedicated account manager. In addition, Verscend is fully HIPAA compliant and ensures the security and privacy of all sensitive information.

Verscend also offers industry-leading data extraction and medical record coding. RapidReview™ is a customizable system that is highly scalable, managing millions of documents that can be assigned, coded, quality checked and reassigned through each stage of the process—all in one secured, central, web-based application. Records can also be annotated with digital notes that don’t alter the original document and reports can be generated to offer complete project visibility at every stage of the workflow process.

For a complete overview of Verscend services, see Service Overview. To see how Verscend can best serve your specific needs, see Legal Services, Life Insurance Services, Health Insurance Services or Provider Services

Company Overview:

  • Founded in 1996
  • Global leader in secure medical record retrieval, online management, and exchange
  • One of the fastest growing companies in Utah and the United States